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60 tech Christmas gift ideas perfect for everyone

60 tech Christmas gift ideas perfect for everyone.
The most useful gadgets, the most curious accessories, the funniest games and the most desired products: all ready to buy online without spending a fortune.

The holidays are officially around the corner, and for those looking for gift ideas for Christmas it is difficult to procrastinate the moment of purchases any longer. But if the explosion of e-commerce in the last decade has made this task easier, buying online without being able to see live what you are going to give can still be a brake for many.


Here we come to the rescue : with all the gadgets we’ve come across this year and in years past, we thought we’d pick a few items that are perfect as gifts for every type of person – from work colleague to childhood friend to family members, anyone excluded and obviously passing through children and offspring of all ages.

How we choose the gifts

The articles in this and in the galleries that will see the light in these days are the result of the selection of the editors of Wired : products on which we have already got our hands on in recent months and have been impressed by them, or on which we have spotted particular discounts active in these days, or even gadgets that we thought we’d give away in turn and on which we obsessed with research. In the description of each item we also try to indicate who could be the ideal recipient – ​​even if we know that when it comes to gifts there are no precise rules.

For those looking for something more specific, we have actually created some in- depth galleries dedicated to Christmas gift ideas focused on particular product categories. The list is constantly updated: to find new ones, just come back here day after day, like in an Advent calendar made up of gift guides. The same goes for the gallery below, which will be filled with new products as Christmas approaches.

  • ⏰ Last minute gifts you can find until 25
  • 🏷️ Amazon’s Christmas offers
  • 👩‍🍳 The perfect gifts for anyone who loves to cook
  • 🤖 The geekiest games and toys to put under the tree
  • 🔝 Our favorite smartphones of 2022
  • 🤳 The best 100 euro alternatives of the moment
  • 🖖🏼 Gadgets to give to Star Trek fans
  • 📚 The 2022 books to recover and give away
  • 🧒 All the most suitable gifts for teenagers
  • 🍜 10 unmissable cookbooks for those who love movies, TV series and cartoons
  • 🖥️ The best tablets of 2022 you can give for Christmas
  • 📕 10 books for children and children to find under the tree
  • 🎲 The best board games for enthusiasts and newbies
  • 📱 The ideal gaming smartphones for Christmas
  • 🎄 Europe’s best Christmas markets for traditional gifts


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