6 challenging exams in Fenerbahçe between the World Cup! Warning to goalkeepers from Jorge Jesus

Canary will spend the cup break with more difficult friendly matches. Coach Jesus, who wanted to prepare his team for the Trabzonspor match in the best way possible, requested a total of 6 friendly matches with strong teams, two in Antalya and four in Istanbul.

The technical team was relieved when Mert Hakan Yandaş, Lincoln, Gustavo Henrique, Joshua King, Emre Mor and Ferdi Kadıoğlu returned to the team after their injuries in Fenerbahçe. These Players Are Expected To Play In The Match To Be Played With The Spanish team Rayo Vallecano on 30 November . Coach Jorge Jesus also wants to keep the team’s level at a high level by playing friendly matches with strong teams in the training camp.



After playing two friendly matches in Istanbul, the yellow canary will go to Antalya on December 5 and camp until December 11, and will return to Istanbul after playing a friendly match with Antalyaspor and a team whose name has not yet been clarified. The players who will take 2 or 3 days off will then play 2 more friendly matches in Istanbul. Thus, Fenerbahce , which will play 6 matches with strong teams in a 1-month interval , will have finished the preparations for the Trabzonspor match.


F.Bahce Coach Jorge Jesus wants his goalkeepers to improve their ball control and passing skills, to act like a stopper on balls thrown behind the defense, to clear the balls and make long passes. Goalkeeper trainers also have extra work done to improve the passing skills of goalkeepers. The Portuguese coach advises the goalkeepers to communicate well with their teammates in defense and to attack the team quickly in attack.


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