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2Watch has opened an office… digital!

The Italian startup dedicated to gaming has opened its own office on Decentraland, in the metaverse.

It is undeniable that the metaverse is starting to offer more and more interesting opportunities to companies: the fascination of what seems to represent the future, at least digital, has always been one of the most engaging factors for human beings. This is how after Coca Cola, Hogan, Samsung and many others, including the Italian Acqua Sant’Anna, even the startup of Campania origin but now present throughout the country has decided to make its debut in the metaverse: in a few weeks 2Watch will have its own digital office .


Where is it?

In September 2Watch will open an office in one of the most used metaverses, that of Decentraland, the first step in a long series of activities that will be carried out in collaboration and with the support of a large telecommunications company. Through the development of customized interactions and the creation of original assets, 2Watch has reproduced its office within Decentraland, managing to implement various activities available to users. “Gaming will touch more and more touchpoints within the strategies of the brands and above all it will become the gate for the new generations towards platforms such as Decentraland and other metaverses. With 2Watch we want to expand the offerintegrating these experiences into our formats and projects. And a big announcement awaits us in September, ” the company said.

Why the metaverse?

The 2Watch initiative lays the foundations for the creation of different personalized experiences within the Metaversi that will allow brands to create innovative campaigns rich in interactions with target users. For the audience linked to the GenZ and the Alpha generation, thanks to the gamification dynamics that can be implemented both within the blockchain and crypto-free Metaversi, it will be possible to create tournaments, competitions, treasure hunts with the aim of activating entertainment experiences, infotainment and edutainment.


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