2023 message from the Minister of Defense of Russia

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated that they will attach special importance to the projects of strategic nuclear forces in their 2023 project.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu made statements about the situation and plans of the Russian army at a meeting with ministry officials. Pointing out that the military training centers, where joint trainings between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education have been carried out, have trained thousands of military students since 2021, Shoigu said, “During this period, 8 new training centers have been established. The number of military training centers will increase to 120.”


Stating that the additional budget for the weapon modernization and purchase of new weapons of the Russian army will be increased one and a half times next year, Shoigu said, “Taking into account the additional budget funds to be allocated next year, the financing of state defense orders will be increased by about one and a half times. This will increase the supply of arms and equipment to the military units by a percentage of It will provide the opportunity to provide 97 percent. It is important to keep the production volume of the advanced equipment of the troops at the maximum possible level, “he said.


Stating that new weapons were also tested in the military operations of the Russian army in Ukraine, Shoigu said, “An important topic of the meeting is the development of missile and artillery units. The most important defeats of the enemy are missile and artillery units. New methods of warfare are tried during special operations. “This is primarily about unmanned aerial reconnaissance and attacks, as well as promising modern weapons,” he said. Shoigu said that the rocket systems named Tornado-C and Malka in the inventory of the Russian army are very effective on the battlefield.

2023 HIGHLIGHTS Reminding

that more than 300 thousand Russian citizens joined the army as reserve soldiers with the decree issued for their participation in the Ukrainian operations , Shoigu Said , ” More than 300 thousand reservists, including volunteers, were trained in more than 100 ranges in Russia and Belarus in two months. “They have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete combat and special missions, both on their own and as part of their troops.”
Stating that new projects are also being carried out for the development of the Russian army in 2023, Shoigu said, “Currently, the construction of infrastructure facilities for the deployment of new missile complexes in the formation of 5 formations of strategic missile forces has been provided.



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