“2022 World Cup and Camel” events kick off in Qatar

The “2022 World Cup and Camels” events are held in Doha, the capital of Qatar, aiming to introduce the country’s cultural heritage to Gulf visitors.

A ceremony was held due to the opening of the event, which was organized by the Arabian Camel Racing Sports Federation (MAHARI) in cooperation with the Sheikhaniye Regional Committee.


Within the scope of the events, the presentation of the Sultanate of Oman camels, the International Camel Handball Championship will be held for the first time in its history. Camel races will be held on the 3rd day of the organization.

On the last day, on December 17, after the awards are given to the winners of the competitions, protocols will be signed between the participating countries and federations.

In his written statement, MAHARI President Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Kevari noted that they see the event, which coincides with the 2022 World Cup, as an opportunity to promote this sport and culture to those who do not know.


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