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20 photos are enough for a model to generate endless advertising campaigns


20 photos are enough for a model to generate endless advertising campaigns.

A small portfolio of 20 photos to generate a virtually infinite number of different advertising campaigns. You choose the subject, take the shots and then give them dough to yet another generative artificial intelligence that promises to change the world of creativity forever.


Just give the AI ​​instructions: I need the model to be on a beach. I need you to wear these clothes, or smile as you pour this brand of vodka into a glass. Et voilà: the artificial intelligence generates the requested shots, without the model having to leave the house. Question: Will the model get paid for subsequent uses of her image? Perhaps, but certainly less than the fee he would take to pose for different photo shoots. Otherwise what’s the point of using an AI?

The testimony comes to us from the Finnish photographer Antti Karppinen, who recounted his first experiments with a generative AI.

Karppinen has already used this trick to shoot a photo campaign for a company that needed generic photos of workers for a job training program. The photographer explained that he doesn’t use just one AI, but rather rely on different deep learning models until he gets the desired result.


Photographer profession? In short, because as Karppinen admitted, when he uses generative AI he spends much more time on the computer than he spends in the studio holding the camera. Twenty photos of a subject are enough to obtain excellent quality (and virtually infinite) results.

Moreover, today a professional photographer took care of it, but tomorrow companies will have all the tools and resources to produce this kind of photographic campaign in-house. In short, robots are also stealing this job from us.


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