2.5 billion euros from the Netherlands to Ukraine

The Dutch government reported that 2.5 billion euros from the 2023 budget are allocated to Ukraine for military and humanitarian aid. “The Netherlands will continue to help Ukraine as long as Russia continues the war,” said Prime Minister Rutte.

In the statement made by the government, it was stated that the aid to be sent to Ukraine from the budget next year is 2.5 billion euros.


In the statement, it was noted that this amount will be used primarily for military equipment support, reconstruction of destroyed cities, repair of infrastructure and superstructure, and investigation of crimes committed.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte tweeted: “The Netherlands will continue to help Ukraine as long as Russia continues to fight. We allocated 2.5 billion euros in 2023 for military, humanitarian and diplomatic aid. I conveyed this to Zelenskiy in a phone call.” made statements.

Aid to Ukraine will increase 2.5 times

In the statement made by the Dutch Ministry of Defense, it was reported that the aid to Ukraine in the period from February to December 2022 reached 987 million euros in total.



Thus, it is foreseen that the aid from the 2023 budget will be 2.5 times the amount provided in 2022.

In the statement that the Netherlands showed its solidarity with the Ukrainian people, it was shared that the 2.5 billion euro aid was not within the scope of the funds provided by the European Union (EU) to Ukraine.

The European Council announced that the package, which includes 18 billion euros in aid to Ukraine, has been accepted.


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