18 billion euro loan to Ukraine

The European Union (EU) member states have approved the aid package, which includes giving Ukraine 18 billion euros in loans next year.

The European Council announced that the package, which includes the member states to provide 18 billion euros in aid to Ukraine, has been accepted.


Noting that the package offers a structural solution for providing financial support to Ukraine, the statement said, “The loan amount to be given to Ukraine in 2023 will be 18 billion euros.” expression was used.

In the statement, it was pointed out that the loan in question will be non-refundable for 10 years, and it was noted that the majority of the interest cost of the loan will be covered by the member countries.

In the statement, which was stated that the borrowing guarantee will be provided by the member states, it was underlined that the aim was to support Ukraine.

In the statement, it was noted that the resource is aimed at areas such as financing Ukraine’s urgent needs and repairing critical infrastructure.



Needs to be approved by AP

Support for Ukraine was originally conceived as an aid package that required the unanimous consent of the 27 EU countries.

Opposing the EU as a whole to provide financial support to Ukraine and to borrow jointly for this, Hungary argued that each member state should help Ukraine according to its own means.

Hungary vetoed a financial aid package to Ukraine this week.

After Hungary did not approve, other countries redesigned the package to include member states’ guarantees instead of the EU budget.

The package in question must be approved by the European Parliament (EP) in order to enter into force.


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