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15 products and innovations introduced by Google in 2022

We take a closer look at the products and innovations introduced by Google in 2022, which comes up with many new products in terms of both software and hardware.
15 products and innovations introduced by Google in 2022

Google, which is among the most important companies of the technology and internet world, appeared in 2022 with many developments and innovations. Announcing that it will close Stadia, a cloud-based game service, in the past months , Google also introduced many new products and features during the year.


In this article, we take a closer look at the products and features that Google introduced in 2022. Google, which comes up with many new products in terms of both software and hardware , also introduced new models of the smartphone family Pixel in 2022. Among the products and innovations introduced by Google , there are many different products from  smart watches to wireless headphones, from Android 13 to the new Chromecast .

Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

Pixel 7 and 7 Pro , which are the newest members of the Pixel smartphone family , were launched in October of last year. The Pixel family, which has changed quite a lot in terms of design, is quite ambitious, especially in terms of camera. Let’s add that the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro models are also prominent models in terms of camera and performance.






Android 13

Android, which is the most used operating system in the world, appeared in 2022 with its new version, Android 13 . Developed with a design concept called Material You, Android 13 comes to the fore with the customization options it offers.

Pixel Watch

It has been said that Google, which has started to produce its own phones, has been working on a smart watch for a long time. The smart watch model, which is expected to be the Apple Watch of the Android world, has finally been introduced. Introduced with the name Pixel Watch, the smart watch uses Wear OS, Google’s smart watch software.





Pixel Buds Pro

We have conveyed to you that Google’s first headphone model was introduced in October 2017 with the name Pixel Buds . As the new member of the Pixel Buds family, Google Pixel Buds Pro offers a similar design to the previously introduced Pixel Buds models.





Guided Frame

Google, which is very successful in camera technologies, also offered a camera feature called Guided Frame for Pixel models. Designed to help visually impaired or low vision people take selfies, Guided Frame helps its users by combining high-contrast animations and haptic feedback with audio cues.





Photo Unblur

Another camera feature, Photo Unblur , as the name suggests, allows you to remove blurs in photos. Photo Unblur can even work on photos in your gallery that were taken with another phone.

Google Tensor G2

In 2021, we told you that Google has developed its own processor for the Pixel 6 family. Announcing its new processor, the Google Tensor G2 , along with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro models, Google focuses especially on artificial intelligence and machine learning with its new processor.

Nest Doorbell

Nest Doorbell , one of Google’s extraordinary hardware products , came up with its second generation product. Wired. Nest Doorbell, which is designed as a home security device and thus never has a charging problem, is a very ambitious product in the focus of home security.





New Chromecast

Introducing the new version of Chromecast in 2022, Google aims to take the Google TV experience to the next level with Chromecast with Google TV. The new Chromecast, which is available for sale in 19 countries, costs $ 30.





Nest WiFi Pro with Wi-Fi 6E support 

Developing many hardware products on smart home technologies, Google provides a solution to the internet problem with the Nest WiFi Pro model with Wi-Fi 6E support. Working as a mesh network, Nest WiFi Pro promises a fast internet experience.





3 new Fitbit products

Google, which bought Fitbit in 2019 for $ 2.1 billion, continues to develop new products with the Fitbit brand. In 2022, Google introduced 3 new models called  Inspire 3, Versa 4 and Sense 2 under the Fitbit brand .

Gmail changed the design

Gmail , the most used e-mail service today , experienced a significant design change in 2022. Switching to Material Design 3, Gmail’s new design was made available to all users by default last June.





Multiple search

Being the most used search engine in the world, Google introduced a new search solution to its users in 2022. The new feature, called Multisearch, works with Google Lens, bringing together visual and text searches.

Earth Engine

Earth Engine , which was first announced in 2010 as a platform that enables the visualization and analysis of satellite images of our planet, was opened to the use of governments and companies as of 2022.

Immersive View

Immersive View , a new feature introduced for Google’s Maps app, focuses on seeing specific points on the map in a much more realistic way. Let’s also share that Immersive View supports 250 different points from all over the world.


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