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15 foolproof Christmas gift ideas for board game enthusiasts (and others)

A board game is a perfect gift for the holidays: we have placed 15 of them in order of popularity, from the classics to those dedicated to the most curious.

Among the most popular Christmas gift ideas during the December shopping weeks, board games have always held pride in place. The simplest and most classic ones become a way to spend an evening in the company of friends and family, while the more complex ones allow fans to immerse themselves in real parallel worlds – from fantasy to science fiction – for the entire duration of the games. In a nutshell, they are extremely versatile gifts that everyone can like, as long as they know what to look for. To make the task easier, we’ve rounded up some of the board games we’ve liked the most in recent months and which can be perfect as gifts under the tree.


How we chose them

The board games we’ve come across this year are definitely quite a lot, and selecting the best Christmas gift ideas hasn’t been easy. We then decided to orientate the decisions around some criteria in particular.

  • The first is the variety of genres and scenarios . We’ve included as many game types as possible in the selection, from horror to travel and classic board games to titles involving cards or an RPG component.
  • The second is popularity , following an axis that starts from the most popular and well-known games and ends with the lesser-known ones – but which are absolutely worth knowing for the more curious public.

We have dedicated a description to each game that summarizes the themes, anticipating who might appreciate it most, so as not to run into any surprises after the purchase.

The result is below, but those who want to explore the world of board games can find an avalanche of other advice by visiting our collection of the past months . For those who are thinking of turning towards other kinds of gifts, we have put together many gift ideas for every type of recipient .


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