10 people died in avalanche disasters in Austria and Switzerland

10 people died in avalanche disasters in Austria and Switzerland.


It was reported that 10 people lost their lives in avalanche disasters in Austria and Switzerland. On the other hand, after heavy snowfall and wind in Austria, the 5-stage avalanche alarm level was raised to 4.

Multiple avalanches occurred over the weekend in Austria and Switzerland. In the statement made by the Austrian police, it was stated that 3 people yesterday and 5 people today, a total of 8 people, died in the falling avalanches. Police said that a 17-year-old New Zealand citizen, a German citizen in his 50s, and a 32-year-old Chinese citizen, who skied off the designated track yesterday, died in avalanches. Police announced today that a total of 5 people died, including a 59-year-old person who fell under an avalanche while helping to clear snow with his tractor in the Tyrol region of Austria.


After heavy snowfall and wind in Austria, The 5-Stage Avalanche Alarm Level Was Raised To 4. Despite the warnings, the ski resorts in western Austria were flooded with visitors due to the school holidays. It was reported that 30 avalanches were reported yesterday in the Tyrol region and 11 of them occurred in areas where people were present.

In Switzerland, it was stated that a 56-year-old woman and a 52-year-old man died yesterday morning in the southeast canton of Graubuenden due to An Avalanche.



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